What Is A Golf Tee

There’s a little component used in many sports that holds a lot more importance than most people give it. That ‘little component’ is known as a tee.

A standard tee is a type of stand that’s primarily used to support a ball, allowing players to strike it without having the ball move around. On a more interesting note, the word ‘tee’ is derived from the Scottish-Gaelic word ‘tigh.’ Tees are commonly used in sports like tee ball, American football, rugby and golf.

The golf tee is special—it’s a component of the sport of golf that’s arguably just as important as other key equipment like the golf club. In other words, people who plan on participating in golf anytime soon should know just how special the golf tee is.

A golf tee is typically used for the starting stroke (first stroke) of each hole in a golf game. The tee itself resides within an area known as a tee box or teeing ground; the ‘tee box’ moniker originates from a time where tees were actually mounds of sand, and golfers kept boxes of sand within the area where the tee would be ‘poured.’

Golf tees are only used for the first stroke, though there are special instances where tees are used on the following strokes throughout a golf game. That usually occurs when the teeing ground is vulnerable from weather-related purposes, such as if a course holds a few rounds of golf during winter.

Tees do have the ability to provide golfers with advantages in their shots, notably drive shots. The angle that tees provide gives golfers enough leverage to make that particular shot. Craftier players, however, often omit using tees when making lower shots, as it give them an advantage for nailing that particular shot.

The sizes of golf tees matter, too. Most golf tees, as in standard golf tees, are about 2.1 inches long, which is equal to about 5 centimeters. There are golf tees that vary in length, however. Interestingly enough, game-ready golf tees (according to the R&A Rules of Golf) can’t be longer than 4 inches or 101.6 millimeters in length. They also can’t be ‘manufactured or made in any way that will influence the movement of the golf ball itself.’

As you can see, the standard ‘little’ golf tee packs a lot of importance when it comes to the game of golf. If you’re interested in finding golf tees to suit your golfing adventures, along with other golf products, feel free to browse our website golf tees.